New footage of ‘Resident Evil 8: Village’ gives fans fresh insights

Fans’ first glimpse at what Chris Redfield looks like in “Resident Evil 8: Village.”

Margaret Troup

New gameplay footage of the upcoming “Resident Evil 8: Village” gives fans a deeper look into what this new addition to the “Resident Evil” series holds.

The original trailer for “Resident Evil 8: Village” dropped back in June, and the internet immediately flooded with possible plot theories.

Some shocking reveals were shown in the trailer, such as the appearance of Chris Redfield, a classic character in the franchise, as well as the murder of Mia Winters by Redfield. Players were able to control both Mia and Ethan Winters in 2017’s “Resident Evil: Biohazard,” the main goal of the game being Ethan Winters having to rescue his wife Mia Winters from the T-virus-riddled Baker family house. 

Fans predict the T-virus infection Mia Winters received in “Biohazard” was simply too much for her to overcome, despite her receiving a vaccination and appearing to be healed in this new game’s predecessor. Based on her death, it is most likely players will mainly be controlling Ethan Winters or Chris Redfield in “Village.”

This newest addition to the “Resident Evil” franchise will be available to play on the Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5 and personal computers. To show the graphic advancements and new footage of gameplay, the franchise’s developer, Capcom, recently released new gameplay footage.

The new footage shows gameplay elements such as bracing furniture in front of doors, crouching to stealth away from enemies and sneak peaks of new environments in the titular village. 

Based on both the original trailer and the recently released gameplay, fans are predicting “Village” will not take place fully in the present day. Multiple flashes to what appears to be a group of murderess women in 1920s attire have confused fans on the timeline of the game.

“Resident Evil” has based its storyline in the T-virus being the medical and scientific cause of all the monsters and mayhem within the series. A possible time-travel element would be a new element to the overall franchise.

“Resident Evil 8: Village” will be released to the Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5 and personal computers sometime in 2021.