Smith: Planning for finals


The loci method, used in real life and by fictional character Sherlock Holmes, can be used to improve memory. A psychology associate professor gives his input on how students can utilize the method to improve studying for midterms.

Sage Smith

As final exams and assignments quickly approach, it is important to remember time management and test-taking preparation.

The first step is to search through Canvas and search through again for all information about the final points in each class. If anything is confusing, reach out to the instructor for clarification. The worst-case scenario is missing crucial points that could mean a difference in grade.

I found a list of “10 Practical Ways to Improve Time Management Skills.” Now I know these lists can be silly but this one seems actually quite helpful, for finals and beyond.

Number two on the list is about prioritizing work. This is a huge one in my life and one of the biggest pieces of advice I offer to my fellow (lovely) editors when they have a million checkboxes to accomplish on their to-do lists.

Organize a schedule of the next week or so with all you need to get done. (Number three on the list is about creating a schedule, but I thought of it before reading the list I promise). Be sure to pencil in some “me time.” You need time to relax, a reward for a long day of hard work and burning your eyes by staring at a screen.

On that list is avoiding multitasking, which I thought was interesting. I think a lot of us college students try to do everything at once, which leads to burnout. The quality of work will also be affected because you won’t have full attention on each task.

And don’t worry too much about those final grades. We’re only human. We make mistakes. Your grades do not define who you are. There’s always next semester.

And eventually you will graduate and you will go on to do so many things that matter so much more than the assignments and not As you received. You are more than you think you are.

Good luck, Cyclones. I believe in you to finish this semester the best you can. Just think, once you make it through you have a long break ahead of you. You got this.