‘Corpse Party’ remake to come to the Nintendo Switch

A visual example of how characters and their speech boxes appear in the “Corpse Party” video game series.

Margaret Troup

The horror-anime video game franchise “Corpse Party” is coming to the Nintendo Switch in the form of a new remake.

The “Corpse Party” video games date back to 1996 with the same-titled debut game. The games and various anime adaptions follow the same general format where a group of unlucky high schoolers decide to test their bravery and explore dangerous and haunted locations before they are slowly picked off in gruesome fashions. 

“Corpse Party Blood Covered: … Repeated Fear” was a 2015 3DS remake of the original “Corpse Party.” The remastered version of “Repeated Fear” essentially makes it a remake of a remake that will be coming to the Switch.

All original content from the original game will be included in the Switch remake but with a newly advanced gaming engine and newly recorded voice acting. Previous iterations of the “Corpse Party” games had characters who were “speaking” appear on screen while a text-box appeared under them, implying they were talking but still remaining silent.

The four-episode 2013 anime adaption of the series “Corpse Party: Tortured Souls” acts as a sequel to the single-episode 2012 original video adaptation “Corpse Party: Missing Footage.”

While the “Corpse Party” games have fit into the horror genre, they have differed from other entries due to their unique 16-bit microprocessing systems. This means the appearance of these games can come off as largely 2D but still much more detailed than 8-bit games, such as the original “Super Mario Bros.”

Tom Lipschultz, a localization specialist for content from foreign countries, said in an interview with PlayStation blog XSEED why the unique appearance of “Corpse Party” only adds to its elements of horror.

“Oddly enough, ‘Corpse Party’’s 16-bit-style 2D visuals contribute to the terror,” Lipschultz said. “This visual style provides a sense of distance between you and the characters under your control, which has a rather chilling consequence.”

“Corpse Party Blood Covered: … Repeated Fear” will be released for the Nintendo Switch in late 2020.