COVID-19 symptom checker to be distributed


Iowa State President Wendy Wintersteen and other members of administration announced in a town hall there is currently no plan to move classes all online.

Sage Smith

The Iowa State community will receive a symptom checker to assess for COVID-19 symptoms every day.

Iowa State President Wendy Wintersteen notified Iowa State about this tool for students, faculty and staff to “monitor their health” and help guide them on deciding if they go to class, work, etc.

The first symptom checker will be received Monday morning and everyone “should” complete the self-check every morning to ensure they are symptom-free before going about their usual schedule.

They should stay home if they discover potential COVID-19 symptoms. Wintersteen stated the individual will be “directed where to reach out for more information about treatment or testing.”

Another email will be sent out to sign up for their preferred method of how they’ll receive the self-check: text message or email.

Data collected from the self-check is confidential, only for the purpose of “reducing the risk of COVID-19 on campus.”