Ames to be without power for hours or days after storm

Widespread tree damage was a result of a severe storm that hit central Iowa on  Monday. The City of Ames will make a decision for a public drop-off site for tree branches on Tuesday.

Sage Smith

Ames experienced a citywide power outage and widespread tree damage, which resulted from a severe storm late Monday morning.

“It could still be hours or even days before every resident has electricity again,” a letter from the City of Ames said. “With that in mind, there are several action steps citizens could take to help.”

The letter was hand delivered to residents in several neighborhoods with heavy tree damage on Monday to provide information to assist residents as the city works to restore services.

It is asked that Ames residents conserve water as electricity is required to get water to homes. If everyone is conscious of their water usage, the supply will last longer.

Everyone is asked to “please stay home” — traffic signals are down, so intersections should be treated as a four-way stop.

“Keeping motorists off the streets [will] help us clear streets and address issues with power lines,” the letter said.

Downed power lines should be avoided, and a decision about a public drop-off site for tree limbs will be shared Tuesday.

A service line connects the homes to power lines; if the service line has been pulled away from the house or is touching the ground and has already been disconnected by Ames Electric Services, an electrician can be called to make repairs.

To let Ames Electric Services know someone is ready for their service to be reconnected, call 515-239-5514 or 515-239-5670 for the city hotline.

If the service line is not yet disconnected, Ames Electric Services or the city hotline needs to be called before repairs can happen.

City employees are working to restore services, and updates can be found on City of Ames social media: @CityOfAmes at Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The city hotline can be called at 515-239-5670 for updates as well.