Iowa State students to begin moving back to campus


Piles of belongings sit in a dorm hallway as students and families work to move things into their new on-campus homes. 

Amber Mohmand

Iowa State students will begin to move into the residence halls for the 2020 to 2021 academic year. 

New students, with the exception of Eaton and Martin Hall, and new families can start moving in from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. 

The Department of Residence (DOR) has announced it will try to test everyone entering on-campus housing, have roommates move in 24 hours apart and limit the number of students and families actively moving items in at any given time.

Then students will be tested and receive all things needed for move-in, including keys and a university ID card for new students.

There will be no move-in carts or crew this year and DOR is limiting the number of helpers per student to just two.

The move-in process will begin at Lied Recreation Athletic Facility, which includes the check-in and testing for COVID-19. Students will go into the building while the two move-in helpers will remain in a vehicle.

For students who are moving into the dorms, they will park for an allotted hour while those who live in the university apartments will not have a time limit on parking. 

Students must wear face coverings and maintain physical distancing. 

After an hour in residence hall parking lots, vehicles need to be moved to allow other students to move in.

Once students have moved into their rooms and are getting things set up, students are asked to close their doors and limit time in common areas. 

Several dining locations will be open during the move-in process.

New students living in Eaton Hall, Martin Hall, Frederiksen Court apartments and the Schilletter and University Village (SUV) apartments can move on either Aug. 10 or 11, along with students in other residence halls who chose this time or didn’t have the opportunity to sign up for the first set of dates.

Returning students living in apartments and residence halls can move in on either Aug. 10 or Aug. 13 through 16.