Event suggestions for Engineers’ Week submitted online


At the end of last semester, the Engineers’ Week team served over 300 students breakfast at midnight during dead week.

Sage Smith

Event suggestions for Iowa State’s College of Engineering 2020 Engineers’ Week can be submitted online.

National Engineers’ Week 2020 will be Feb. 16 through 21. Iowa State will have events throughout Engineers’ Week, or E-Week.

Those who would like to suggest an event or give their input on what they would like to see can submit their feedback on the College of Engineering’s website.

Samuel Schreck, senior in civil engineering, and Gary Mitchell, senior in aerospace engineering, are the two presidents of the Engineers’ Week student organization. The Engineers’ Week organization is the group that plans the week every year.

Schreck and Mitchell said this is the first year they’re taking in suggestions for events to hear new ideas.

“We always want to get more participation and more active involvement with the events that we put on,” Schreck said. “We thought the best way to get that would be to hear from the people who actually come to our events.”

A popular event from last year was the “The Emazing Race” which was a take on the show “The Amazing Race.” Schreck said they had a good response for the event and are planning on doing it again for the 2020 Engineers’ Week.

Mitchell said once the events are decided for the week, they will go into the planning process, which starts with location reservations and providing food if the event needs it.

“The things after that are basically how can we make it unique to Engineers’ Week,” Schreck said. “How can we make it something different that week, make people want to come.”

Engineers’ Week can give College of Engineering students a chance to take a break from their school day and attend different activities.

“It’s just nice to celebrate engineering,” Schreck said. “And have everyone be like one collective whole because we’re kind of like always in our different domains for different engineering so Engineers’ Week brings everyone together, kind of like sharing different viewpoints and celebrating what it is to be an engineer and get everyone excited for engineering in the future.”

A two minute video featuring parts of Engineers’ Week from 2019 can be viewed on the College of Engineering website. The website will also be where the finalized events for Engineers’ Week 2020 will be posted.

“Find us and talk to us,” Mitchell said. “We’re really easy to talk to, we love to talk to you guys whenever we’re at our events. We’ll be wearing our polos so if you ever have a question or are nervous, you don’t know what to do or don’t know anyone there, Engineers’ Week people would love to talk to you.”

More important dates students in the College of Engineering can mark on their calendars is the spring 2020 Engineering Career Fair and prep event.

The spring 2020 Engineering Career Fair will be noon to 5 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 11 at the Hilton Coliseum. A One-Stop Career Fair Prep Event will be 3 to 7 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 6 in the Sukup Hall Atrium.