Study Abroad Fair showcases studying abroad opportunities for students

Representatives from various study abroad programs set up informational booths at the spring Study Abroad Fair. Students were able to walk around the Great Hall and speak with the program representatives about the details that go into studying abroad.

Julia Benda

The spring Study Abroad Fair showcased programs and locations from all over the world for students looking into studying abroad.

The Study Abroad Fair took place from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Thursday in the Great Hall of the Memorial Union. The fair was filled with 49 different tables for students to explore, said Ben McKelfresh, marketing and program coordinator at the Study Abroad Center.

Evan Pflughaupt, sophomore in kinesiology and health, said the Study Abroad Fair had a lot of opportunities she did not expect to see. Pflughaupt said studying abroad will enhance her education.

“Being exposed to more cultures will help and in terms of being more open-minded,” Pflughaupt said. “And just seeing how others parts of the world function than just being stuck here in Iowa.”

Pflughaupt said traveling is a big passion of hers and she hopes to study abroad in Italy or Greece. She said the Study Abroad Fair has helped her prepare to study abroad.

“I can plan out my schedules better to make sure it can fit into my schedule and I can start saving money because they give you the costs and everything,” Pflughaupt said.

Jacob Smith, sophomore in mechanical engineering, said he came to the Study Abroad Fair to learn about all the options for studying abroad, to gain more information and see how he can apply for a study abroad program.

Smith said he is not sure where he wants to study abroad yet or when he would like to plan the trip but he is most looking forward to seeing the sites.

“[Studying abroad] will let me take classes in other areas of the world and experience their culture and mix it with actual learning and college courses,” Smith said. “So I think that would be good and just the experience would be alright.”

The opportunities of the Study Abroad Fair presented students with information to learn about the whole experience, including finances and possible scholarships to apply for.

“Traveling just really interests me and some programs are cheaper than what I am paying right now so that is good,” Smith said. “Going into it I really had no idea about study abroad at all and now I know some of the programs and what they are going to cost and a general idea about it.”

Megan Claude, freshman in animal ecology, said she visited the spring Study Abroad Fair because she did not make it to the Study Abroad Fair in the fall semester.

Claude said she hoped to study abroad in a Spanish-speaking country because she wants to complete her Spanish minor while abroad.

Studying abroad can be a good way to experience different cultures and traditions. Claude said another reason why she wants to study abroad is because she likes to see the different perspectives and is looking forward to getting to see new scenery and new people.

“[Studying abroad] is like a must-have in my family,” Claude said. “We are very, very big travelers.”

Claude said the fair has made her more prepared to study abroad. “I’ve gotten so many pamphlets and so much information.”

For more information about study abroad opportunities at Iowa State, contact the Study Abroad Center at [email protected] or by phone at 515-294-6792. Students can also visit the Study Abroad Center in 6563 Memorial Union.