Letter: The iron grip of modernity


Letter writer Ryan Hurley discusses how people are increasingly losing their individuality to society. 

Ryan Hurley

Looking at the current world, it is very easy to want to get away from it all, go off the grid and live according to your principles. Unfortunately, the system considers anyone who is exhausted at the current situation to be a bad person. This, of course, boils down to the elites essentially wanting to have as much control as possible over normal people, simply because the system is so fragile that if even a small portion of people stopped attending to it, the system would collapse. We can see in several ways how the system is quietly doing this to normal people.

What prompted me to write about this was reading about the renting future that some people desire; one in which “you’ll own nothing and be happy.” Is this future really all that it is cracked up to be? One in which you are so interconnected to the world that you essentially are not even an individual, or someone with free will. Imagine being unable to ever get away from it all. They will still be connected; only a small group will have any agency over their own lives, while everyone else will be forced to essentially be slaves to the system, whether it is through debt, pleasure or other means. For some people, this rental future will be ideal — people who are okay with satisfying base urges and never going above such needs.

We essentially are entering a state of anarcho-tyranny. This is defined as a world in which good citizens are punished, while criminals get the pass on seemingly anything. As I mentioned in a previous article, it seems that anyone who goes against the reigning regime of liberalism is punished brutally. This results in people feeling afraid to speak their minds. It allows elites to control speech, and when someone does speak out, it ends up resulting in them being brutally attacked by the lapdogs of the state. Many people are afraid to speak out due to these actions, and it creates resentment.

The state increasingly collaborates with big business and lobbying groups that seek a profit margin rather than a common good. Above all, these companies do not want citizens, but rather consumers. As the president of College Republicans United, I think conservatives need to fight this with a clenched fist: for our children, and for our future.

Ryan Hurley is a junior in marketing and president of College Republicans United at Iowa State.