Brown: Women should not be drafted

Columnist Aaron Brown argues against military conscription and the latest NDAA.

Aaron Brown

The latest bull to come out of the U.S. House of Representatives is quite disgusting when you read it. Congress wants women to be drafted. In Section 513 of the latest National Defense Authorization Act, there are subsections to amend the Selective Service Act of 1948. These subsections replace words throughout the 1948 law which effectively require women to sign up for the selective service. From sea to shining sea, everyone turning 18 would be required to put their names in the registry and those who do not would be punished.

You might be thinking that men should be the ones to get drafted. You might be thinking that it is only fair that women have to register since women have been seeking equal treatment for so many years. You might even be angry at the headline of this column for suggesting women be treated differently than men. Many people have been pushing for and pushing against the drafting of women for many years. Well, let’s take a chill pill, because it’s plot twist time. 

Nobody should be drafted. No women should be drafted. No men should be drafted. And if you consider yourself in a third category, well, you should not be drafted either. The draft pool should not be enlarged or shrunk. The draft should be abolished. Like the prison system, the draft is a form of slavery and should be eliminated. When the king of the United States (traditionally called the “president”) calls for men to leave their homes and labor 24/7 in the military, and punishes those who do not obey by taking their property or imprisoning them, the king is engaging in slavery. 

Slavery is when one person claims all the output of another person as his own, threatens violence if the other party tries to leave and commands the other as to where he will live, eat and sleep. Employees are not slaves of their boss because they are free to work another job or wander off to another city entirely in search of a different life. Those who volunteer for the military — though they may be treated like slaves — are not slaves. They chose to join the military. Yes, recruiters lie worse than many politicians, but in general it is a free choice. When the draft is called, however, men are compelled to labor, compelled to give all their mind and body to the mission of the Machine. They are told where to sleep and what to eat. In some circumstances, you must ask permission to get married. You are not free to labor in work you wish. If you get a sunburn, you can be punished for damaging “government property.” Although technically not government property because people lack a National Stock Number, enlisted military sure can get treated like property. And above all, if you decide you want to leave, you will need to plan on being in a cage for five years, or you might just find yourself dead.

The draft can also be likened to taxation (or “theft” in plain English). Sometimes, Uncle Sam is not content with taking 40 percent of what you make. When drafted, you must give all that you are. If Uncle Sam wants a ditch dug, you grab a shovel or get shot. If Uncle Sam wants you to shoot some poor farmer in Vietnam, you pull the trigger or get shot. If Uncle Sam wants you to use that big brain of yours to devise plans, you think on what he wants or get shot. All that you are is the government’s and all you produce is taken from you. Small portions are returned to boost morale. The same strategy is used for income taxes: why are people so excited to get a tax refund? You are getting your own previously stolen money back.

The draft being expanded to include women is a step in the wrong direction. But it is to be expected from the bureaucrats and politicians in the District of Columbia. The bill started off pretty simple, $9 billion for this and $16 billion for that. After 31 amendments — where representatives add in all their pet projects and make the bill ever more difficult to read — the “National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2022” has grown to 606 sections. You can thank Mr. David Adam Smith of western Washington for submitting the first of the 31 amendments and expanding enslavement to both men and women.

Men go to Washington, D.C. with noble intentions sometimes. Little by little, they are corrupted by the power that is heaped upon them. Career politicians become entangled in a web of special interest lobbying groups, special committees, secret clubs, streams of cash to re-election campaigns and gifts and favors. These men in D.C. do not know you or what is best for you. They do not know where you live or what is best for your community. They do not have your best interest at heart when they steal your money to pay for prostitutes and visits to strip clubs.

When the military recruiters no longer fool 18-year-olds into sacrificing their lives to murder people in meaningless wars, enlistment numbers will decline and some guy will scare everyone into thinking they will all die miserably if there is no draft. Then, you must say “NO” to the draft. Don’t enslave your fellow man. Say “NO” to the draft now.