Iowa State held their annual awards ceremony for outstanding faculty and staff.


Audience and recipients from the awards ceremony gathered in the South Ballroom during the reception.

Jack Mcclellan

The 2021 Iowa State University Faculty and Staff Awards Ceremony took place on Monday in Memorial Union’s Great Hall, celebrating the many outstanding achievements and traits of various Iowa State personnel. Awards were presented to over 70 individuals throughout the ceremony, being split between multiple notable figures and even whole teams of faculty.

The ceremony began with President Wendy Wintersteen’s presentation of the title of Distinguished Professor, the highest academic honor the university can bestow. Duane Johnson was named the Anson Marston Distinguished Professor in Engineering, while Dean Adams, Carolyn Cutrona and Reuben Peters were all named Distinguished Professors in Liberal Arts and Sciences. This title is only given to faculty who have had a significant impact on their field and who have shown outstanding performance outside of faculty responsibilities.

Wintersteen continued to present the University Professor title, Morrill Professor title, the Regents Award for Faculty Excellence and the Regents Award for Staff Excellence. Next, Senior Vice President and Provost, Jonathan Wickert presented several awards for excellence in teaching and leadership among faculty.

The Senior Vice President for Student Affairs, Toyia Younger, presented several awards to outstanding academic advisers and faculty and staff who have advanced the university’s diversity and inclusion goals. 

The Vice President for Research, Peter Dorhout, presented awards to outstanding researchers, collaborators and individuals with significant academic accomplishments. 

The Director of the Pappajohn Center for Entrepreneurship, Judi Eyles, presented awards for the production of intellectual property and for the economic advancement of the state of Iowa.

The Senior Vice President for Operations and Finance, Pam Elliot Cain, presented awards for contributions made inside and outside of the university, for individuals who exhibit goodwill to Iowa State and individuals who have shown outstanding accomplishments early in their careers. 

Finally, the Vice President for Extension and Outreach, John Lawrence presented awards to outstanding extension and outreach personnel and their accomplishments. 

After the awards had been presented a reception was held in the South Ballroom. In the ballroom, d’oeuvres and refreshments were served as the recently honored faculty and staff gathered with their colleagues to celebrate their accomplishments.

Distinguished Professor in Engineering, Duane Johnson shared his feelings on his recent award.

“Well, it’s an honor from the university and from all your peers and it’s a unique honor,” said Johnson. “And, of course, the distinguished professor requires that the honor doesn’t come from inside the university even though that’s the celebration. It comes from people that they request recommendations from all over the world. “

As Johnson explained, the award of Distinguished Professor, among others stems from professionals and academicians from outside the university, requiring the individual at hand to be relatively renowned for their accomplishments.