New video game releases for fall 2021

Hannah Scott

As the fall season turns the corner, new media is coming out left and right. While many people often think about movies and tv shows as being most of what is coming to the screens, video games may be something that isn’t as heavily considered.

Though it may not be the first thing to pop into your head, there are many different games coming out for the fall of 2021, and if you are somebody who is into gaming, you may be especially excited to see what is coming up.

From simulator games to action and adventure stories, there is sure to be something that anybody can love, even if you aren’t the usual video game fan. If you are up to try something new, or you are just looking to find a new game to spend your free time away in, this list will give you all of the upcoming releases for the fall season.

Top 10 Video Game Releases for Fall 2021


If you are somebody who loves an open world or sandbox type of game, “Lake” may be exactly what you are looking for. The story surrounds Meredith Weiss as she returns to her hometown of Providence Oaks and allows you to dive more in-depth into her character as well as those around her. This is a calm and chill game for those who just want a bit of escapism for a while.

The Artful Escape

Another story-driven game, “The Artful Escape,” tells the story of Frances Vendetti, an up-and-coming musician who is struggling with living in the shadows of his famous uncle Johnson Vendetti. On the night before his first big show, Frances spirals into a trippy and cosmic journey where he works to find himself and his identity. If you are a fan of psychedelic influences or more weird visuals, this may be the game for you.


A new first-person shooter, this action-adventure game includes a time loop twist that has become a popular story tactic in many video games. In “Deathloop,” you are put on an island where a party’s never-ending, and you have to take out eight targets before midnight to escape the time loop. However, there is one character who is working against you to keep the loop in order, and you must be diligent enough to stop them.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits

With beautiful visuals, this game is for those who want a cinematic experience within a video game. Playing as the title character of Kena, you are a spirit guide who goes to a village and uses your magic to help deceased spirits finally move on into the afterlife. With themes of familial relationships and emotional struggles, this game is sure to be moving but also great fun.

Super Monkey Ball: Banana Mania

This is one for those who just want some simple fun on a night after classes. The “Super Monkey Ball” franchise is celebrating its 20th anniversary, and this new game offers all that you have loved about the previous games with some new twists. This game offers hundreds of levels taken from the last “Super Monkey Ball” games while also offering new courses for some fun and easy gameplay.

Far Cry 6

The newest installment in this series, “Far Cry 6,” takes you to the fictional Caribbean island of Yara and asks you to stand up and revolt against its fascist regime. In one of the most cinematic installments yet, you will be given many cut scenes and character-building moments that will move the story along and make you feel more a part of the series than ever before.

Mario Party Superstars

Another fun game for those who just want some easy and simple gameplay with characters they love, this new game in the “Mario Party” franchise will offer that. This game compiles elements from older “Mario Party” games and updates/remakes the boards. This will be the perfect option to bring friends together and have a reason to bring out some competitive spirit.


For somebody who likes an action-adventure game but also wants a calmer and more scenic-looking game, “Sable” will offer you both packed into one. In an open-world game, you will live this coming-of-age story as the main character works to explore the world and the nature around her. Not only can you discover secrets about the universe surrounding you, but you will also discover plenty of secrets about yourself as well.

New World

Another open-world option, but one with combat for those who like a more intense sandbox type of game. In this game, you will find yourself stranded on an island called Aeternum and will wield all sorts of powers to build a name for yourself within the world. You can choose to work alone or with others, and ultimately your survival and success is up to you.

Back 4 Blood

For those of you who enjoy a horror game, this may be your next choice. Working as a team of “cleaners,” you are working to take back what is left of civilization after the society has been hit by an infection called “The Ridden,” turning individuals into zombie-like creatures. A game that relies heavily on your choices, there are many different ways things can end, and this will offer you an exciting yet harrowing adventure.

With a new season coming into fruition, it can be exciting to see what new media is coming out and what new stories you will be able to play. If you are a gamer or looking to explore the medium, these new games may just be the best start for your next playthrough.