A deep dive into the new Phasmophobia update

The new Phasmophobia update offers plenty of new scares for players.

The new Phasmophobia update offers plenty of new scares for players.

Monroe Brackey

The new Phasmophobia update has evolved the game. Phasmophobia originally came out in 2020 as a basic game created by Dk, who has admitted to creating, designing and keeping up with all the updates himself. Dk has grown Phasmophobia into a new gaming developer Kinetic Games and has only recently created a small group of workers to help him with the game developments.

The owner, Dk, uses public lobbies like Discord and Twitter to reveal updates or future plans for the games. Anyone is welcome to join these communities, ask questions, stream the game and make friends.

Phasmophobia is a thriller/mystery game where you and a crew go into a house, farm, high school, prison or asylum to discover what kind of ghost is living in that location. You’re given a set of basic tools at the beginning of the game that will help you indicate what ghost you are working with.

As your level gets higher, more tools become available to purchase using the money you earn in the game. The basic tools are a flashlight, emf reader, ghostwriting book, photo camera, digital camera and more. The list is too long to type out, so check out the game if you want to know more.

In the location, you and your friends’ sanity can go down, causing the ghost you’re trying to locate to hunt you for a various amount of time. To survive, make sure you keep that sanity up and figure out what the ghost is as fast as you can.

Aug. 26, Phasmophobia had a large update with more detailed graphics that make the game creepier yet more enjoyable. Along with updated graphics, there are things like ghosts randomly whispering in your ears, creepier responses over the spirit box and more active ghosts that are more likely to hunt you, making the game more interesting.

Because it was such a large update, I cannot list everything that has changed, but you can find everything involved on the Steam page, where you’ll be able to download the game and learn more about it.

As someone who plays the game, I would give the new update a 5/5 because it elevated the game so much. Playing with friends and watching them scream in terror from a ghost whispering “Hey” in their ear is always the highlight of my night, even if I’m hiding inside a closet trying not to be hunted by that same ghost.