Stephens Auditorium features songwriter showcase

Calvin Clark

For the past two years, C.Y. Stephens Auditorium in Ames has been showcasing local singing and songwriting talent in conjunction with the Ames Community Arts Council. Originally, these artists were featured in an intimate performance space within Stephens known as the Goldfinch Room, but with the recent pandemic, it typically hosts these Goldfinch performances outside or within the larger auditorium of the theater. On Tuesday, Stephens and the Goldfinch Room hosted Reggie Greenlaw and John Richardson, two Iowan folk singers and songwriters. The performance followed a tour of Stephens Auditorium provided by the Ames Community Arts Council as part of their Gathering of Artists series. Marketing manager for Stephens Auditorium Montana Smith discusses the Goldfinch Room events as well as other events Stephens hosts to help promote the local arts community.