Netflix may have a ‘BioShock’ series in the works

The first glimpse players get at the “Big Daddy,” one of the bosses present throughout the “BioShock” series.

Margaret Troup

Leaked information about a possible “BioShock” TV adaptation from Netflix has recently been released.

According to inside sources at Giant Freakin Robot, Netflix is making a big-budget series adaptation of the neo-noir with a science-fiction twist video game, “BioShock.”

“BioShock” was originally released in 2007 to critical acclaim. The first game follows Jack, a mostly silent protagonist, as he must traverse through the dangerous underwater city of Rapture in order to survive and bring down its immoral rulers. 

Its gameplay consists of classic first-person shooter combat with a variety of firearms to choose from and additional combat elements in the form of “plasmids,” injectable abilities that give the player a variety of powers. The unique combination of well-known shooter-style gameplay combined with a powers system made for extremely fun combat has kept fans coming back to “BioShock” for almost 15 years.

The game’s unique location, the fictional underwater city of Rapture, allows for stunning visuals of a 1950s-style post-apocalyptic city. The character designs within the setting itself fit perfectly into the creepy, violent and mysterious story behind it.

“BioShock” went on to have two sequels and multiple installments of downloadable content (DLC). While neither “BioShock 2” nor “BioShock Infinite” left legacies as big as the original game, they also received generally positive reviews.

A “BioShock” movie was in the works at one point. After initially being announced in 2009, the film spent years in production turmoil and was eventually canceled altogether by Gore Verbinski, the film’s would-be director. 

Ever since the release of “BioShock” in 2007, fans have been clamoring for a TV or movie adaptation. After being teased with a movie only for it to be canceled, the demand is still there even after 10 years.

With this recent leak of a possible confirmation, only time will tell if Netflix delivers on a “BioShock” series.