4,000 people lose power in west Ames


Photo: Kelsey Kremer/Iowa State

The Ames and ISU Police departments helped direct traffic on Tuesday, June 19, during a power outage which affected all of Ames.

Amber Mohmand, Managing Editor of Content and Diversity

About 4,000 people lost their power at 8 a.m. Wednesday in Ames.

Ames Electric Crews are responding to the power outage connected to the Mortensen Road substation, according to the city. Those who lost their power should be repowered soon, according to the city.

This is the second outage of the month where 2,000 people were without power.  

If a power outage occurs, customers can call 515-239-5240. When customers call the first time, the audio may request the location of the outage. If the electric services already received a report of the outage, the call will triangulate the reports to find the common piece of equipment.