Gamma Rho Lambda provides LGBTQIA+ community in greek life


Gamma Rho Lambda is a social sorority that is a part of the Multicultural Greek Council.

The Omicron Chapter of Gamma Rho Lambda is an organization in the Multicultural Greek Council at Iowa State.

The chapter is an all-inclusive and multicultural social sorority for the LGBTQIA+ community, according to the organization’s statement.

The original, alpha, chapter of Gamma Rho Lambda was founded Nov. 20, 2003. However, Iowa State’s Omicron chapter was founded April 19, 2014.

“Gamma Rho Lambda’s goal is to create an organization that is open to everyone and anyone that joins, as well as to spread information to the public about LGBTQIA+ problems or issues and how other people could help,” said Skylar Wolsch-Gallia, president of Gamma Rho Lambda and a junior majoring in elementary education.

Wolsch-Gallia joined Gamma Rho Lambda as a freshman from out of state. After talking to student representatives at the organization’s Destination Iowa State booth, Wolsch-Gallia realized the organization was something she needed to be a part of.

“I am now president and never thought I would be where I am now,” Wolsch-Gallia said. “I love all of my siblings to pieces. They have been there for me through it all, and they are my biggest supporters.”

Some traditions of the chapter include lineages with bigs and littles, receiving of paddles from a big, and a national stroll, Wolsch-Gallia said.

Gamma Rho Lambda’s overarching philanthropy is raising funds for the Trevor Project through events such as Pride Prom.

Pride Prom is thrown during the spring semester, and all the proceeds from ticket sales go to the Trevor Project. COVID-19 halted Pride Prom, but Wolsch-Gallia shared that she plans to continue with larger events.

“The goal is to let all the LGBTQIA+ organizations come together to make Pride Prom a huge yearly event, so we can give back to our community as a whole,” Wolsch-Gallia said.

The chapter has a meeting once every week and tries to meet more than once. With recruitment taking place, the chapter currently has multiple events lined up.

“We are a very open and welcoming chapter; being a smaller group isn’t always bad,” Wolsch-Gallia said. “We still do many great things for our community, and you have a support system for you.”

Additional information can be found on the Gamma Rho Lambda Instagram page.