Steve-O goes unfiltered at ISU After Dark


Joseph Dicklin

Steve-O during a Q&A at After Dark.

A line of students and residents going through the MU and ending outside proved Ames’ love for Steve-O. Comedian, stunt man and “Jackass” star got personal with attendees at the second After Dark of the year.

“It gives me a bit of anxiety to be in the university because I did really fucking bad,” Steve-O said. “The secret to graduating university is attendance. I’m telling you, if you attend every single class, then you know when to do the minimum amount of effort.”

Originating on MTV, “Jackass” started as a TV show that turned into a series of movies due to liability. Along with Johnny Knoxville and other cast members, Steve-O’s job on these sets was to pitch and perform dangerous or repulsive stunts. His creative imagination, mixed with the influence of cocaine benders, helped him create iconic stunts.

His most infamous stunt was the “buttchug,” which quickly became a recognizable term among college students. The original intention was a nose chug with a custom beer bong. Knoxville told him this wasn’t cool enough and he should, “put it up his ass,” so he did. While he was successful in this stunt, even adding onto it by drinking the ejected beer, it was too off-putting to air.

“Everybody knows about the buttchug from the second ‘Jackass;’ the story I’m telling was from the first ‘Jackass’ movie,” Steve-O said. “This one never fucking even made it to the cutting room floor. It was so gnarly.”

This love for stunts came from stealing his dad’s camera as a kid and recording himself skateboarding. He learned he couldn’t skateboard but found he could edit videos and loved being in front of the camera.

Before fame, Steve-O worked as a clown on the Royal Caribbean cruise line. In order to qualify for this job, he had to hitchhike from Albuquerque, New Mexico to Denver for clown college auditions.

“There’s tens of thousands of people auditioning and only 33 get accepted, so statistically it’s harder to get in than Harvard,” Steve-O said.

After a year of working on the cruise, he was fired per the request of the other clowns.

“They said if Steve-O comes back for another contract, we all quit,” Steve-O said. “I was super disrespectful back then — I didn’t think they were funny, I didn’t think they were rad. I didn’t see anything about what the fuck they wanted to do as clowns as even remotely cool, and that’s how I acted towards them.”

It turned out that getting fired from the cruise was best for him as it gave him the time to film the pilot of “Jackass” in 1999. Disguised as a photo shoot for Big Brother magazine, Steve-O came up with a way to make sure the shot was unforgettable.

“I’ll have my whole 10-foot-tall stilt costume and light the whole fucking thing on fire,” Steve-O said. “And then I want to have a unicyclist ride through my flaming fucking stilts and have a skateboarder ollie off the roof of a house over my head through a fireball that I’m blowing out of my mouth.”

Once again, this successful stunt was never aired, this time due to MTV’s strict rule with fire.

After finishing the Q&A, Steve-O took the final six minutes of his time slot to run through the crowd, attempting to take selfies with everyone who was there. He also gave everyone a copy of his new book, “A Hard Kick in the Nuts.”