Hangover cures from students


Justin Barrett

Kaitlyn Bennett a senior majoring in chemistry after a night at the bars.

Nothing is worse than waking up after mugs night with a raging headache and deciding if you should get water or get to the toilet. A hangover is something many students will run into at some point during their time at college, and knowing how to cure this could save you a lot of Sunday scaries. 

According to the National Library of Medicine, “60-75% of college students experience at least one hangover a year.” Everyone has their own way of solving this problem many run into on a Sunday morning, and students have some unique cures.

When asking students on campus, some mentioned avoiding greasy fast food and going for plain carbs that are easy to digest. This could include things like a bagel, crackers or toast. Adding a protein source to breakfast is also helpful, like eggs or yogurt.

Being in a college town, there are plenty of bars with student bartenders who have their own hangover tricks. Morgan Gardner, a bartender at AJ’s Bar and junior in entrepreneurship, said Jimmy John’s never fails to cure her Sunday scares, and it’s a go-to for that nauseous feeling the morning after.

Gardner said that she swears by pickle juice. This is not common, and some people might be disgusted by the thought of drinking pickle juice. However, it has a lot of electrolytes that will cure dehydration after a night of drinking, according to Cleveland Health Clinic.

“The combination of a Jimmy John’s sandwich and some pickle juice does the trick every time,” Gardner said.

The next hangover cure takes a little thinking the night before but could save someone from a hangover. Kendal Dreger, a sophomore in mechanical engineering, doesn’t have a morning routine as a go-to hangover cure.

“I don’t have a trick for the morning, but before I go to sleep, I make sure to chug a glass of water and some liquid IV,” Dreger said.

Dreger said that when she does this, she wakes up feeling refreshed and hangover free. A tip she included was to leave it out before your night out so you can come back and have it ready to go; hydration is key.