KURE hosts 6-hour radio trivia event


KURE 88.5 Ames Alternative hosts annual QuickyKwiz.

QuickyKwiz, the annual 6-hour radio contest that started in the ‘60s, is primarily made up of obscure trivia and competitive events. KURE will host this year’s QuickyKwiz from noon to 6 p.m. Saturday.

During this event, a trivia question will be asked on KURE 88.5 every 6 minutes. These questions are created by the QuickyKwiz executive team and are meant to be ungoogleable.

“It’s a modern incarnation of us having to obfuscate and kind of get wackier with our questions,” said Jack Studier, QuickyKwiz general manager and senior in community and regional planner. “Because of the advent of the Internet, it became too easy to Google our questions. So, we decided to kind of safeguard against that.”

QuickyKwiz typically sees about six to eight teams, each with around eight to 10 people, totaling an average of 60 participants. Most participants are Iowa State students, with the exception of one man from Wisconsin joining the trivia portion.

Many of the teams are groups, organizations or residence halls on campus playing together.

“Harwood is a very big competitor, the way they take this very seriously,” said Ethan Baccam, QuickyKwiz director and a junior in psychology. “I think it’s a good way for clubs to bond.”

Along with trivia, groups will be asked to participate in events that are unknown until they reach the location. These events could call for one person or multiple people and give clues so the teams know the best people to send. Scavenger hunts, games and traveling are all potential event categories.

“A good philosophy for events is just chaos,” Baccam said.” Never really knowing when it ends. I’ve been told [the hosts] can just kind of do whatever, as long as [participants] are having fun. If they’re staying engaged, then it can really be about anything.”

Between questions, volunteers and members of KURE will play personalized DJ sets.

“We like to encourage our DJs to have fun with it,” Studier said. “Last year one of our DJs played a video game mashup, and that was a really fun set to hear. We had, in 2020, someone played a one hour set of the song Chug Chug with you.”

After the event, a ceremony will be held to announce the winners. About half of the points given to teams come from the trivia portion, with the remaining points coming from events. Prizes for winners are donated to KURE by local shops around Ames.

Team sign-ups are available online. Trivia is only $20, and trivia with events is $30.