The Black Student Alliance Brings Wild N Out to ISU


A member of the red team laughs at a joke at his expense during Wild ‘n Out, a comedy and rap battle, adapted from the popular MTV show Wild ‘n Out hosted by Nick Cannon. The rap battles took place in Coover Hall on Aug. 29.

Mike Brown

A night of fun laughs and punchlines was had at Wednesday’s Wild N Out event, hosted by Iowa State’s Black Student Alliance.

The event was held in the Coover auditorium, and featured a structure similar to a traditional Wild N Out episode, with a red team and a black team, each with seven members.

Bells and buzzers accented good and bad punchlines, respectively. The team with the most points at the end of each category was declared the winner. Topics included freestyling about a single word topic, funny break up and pick up lines, and roast battles.

Both teams traded wins in the individual categories, but in the end the black team was able to come out on top in a winner take all round.