#DailyDigsDeep from 2006: 10 things to do before the end of the semester


Emily Clement/Iowa State Daily

An article from the Iowa State Daily paper in April of 2006 containing 10 things Daily staff recommended people should do before the semester came to an end.

Emily Clement

In today’s #DailyDigsDeep, we’re taking you back to April 2006.

In an article published in the paper at that time, the Daily staff recommended 10 things to do before the semester ended. This was included in a special section of the paper at the time called “Pulse.”

To highlight just a few of those top things:


The beloved Veishea, which as most people know is no longer, was the top recommendation. Seeing live bands, attending the Veishea parade, eating the food and more were recommended to students.

Although Veishea enthusiasts can’t look forward to this tradition any longer, they can at least reminisce on what once was.

Nintendo DS Lite

Remember those days of staring at your DS for hours? Smartphones have taken the place of that for the most part.

The Daily staff recommended to check out that new DS along with recommending new games like “New Super Mario Bros” and “Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day,” which was apparently popular in Japan at the time and being released in the United States in the following weeks.

The Doughnut Run

So you’re saying they had a chance to run/walk a 5K while eating Krispy Kreme doughnuts? Well, yes, yes they did.

The Daily staff recommend that students and staff, or whoever was reading the paper on that day, should partake in the “The Doughnut Run,” which was a run where you ran/walked a 5K while eating doughnuts.

The article also recommend that people see “Mission Impossible: III,” see Bob Dylan in concert at the Val-Air Ballroom, see Christian worship band Casting Crowns and more.

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