Philanthropy of the Month: ‘Donut Let Love Hurt’



Editor’s Note: this article is part of a series of contributed pieces from Joe Fetherling, member of Delta Upsilon fraternity and vice president of philanthropy for the Interfraternity Council. This series will highlight different philanthropies taking place in Iowa State’s sorority and fraternity community, as well as what philanthropy means to members of the community. 

An excellent philanthropy successfully fundraises for a charitable cause while simultaneously creating awareness for the same cause. This awareness can be achieved in a variety of creative and unique ways. Sometimes a simple infographic or conversation can go a long way to educating someone about a relevant issue.

This Philanthropy of the Month goes above and beyond fundraising for their selected cause by really focusing on the ‘why’ behind their event. This organization chose to create awareness through involving their charitable cause with the event itself while making sure everyone who attended their event knew exactly what they were supporting with their donations.

The philanthropy of the month is Alpha Tau Omega’s “Donut Let Love Hurt” philanthropy which supported ACCESS. The brand new event was held outside Parks Library in the free speech zone.

The members of Alpha Tau Omega held a coffee and donut stand where anyone was able to purchase donuts and coffee for $1 each. The event took place from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Monday, April 2 and was geared toward all students and faculty of Iowa State as well as people passing through campus.

One hundred percent of the proceeds from the event went toward ACCESS. ACCESS stands for Assault Care Center Extending Shelter & Support. ACCESS provides services to those who have been impacted by domestic and sexual abuse through a scattered site shelter model in Ames.

The mission of ACCESS, found on, is “to address the roots and impact of domestic and sexual violence through services that enhance safety, empower survivors, and promote understanding and social justice within our community.”

ACCESS’ shelter is designed to alleviate the immediate housing needs associated with fleeing domestic violence, sexual assault or other forms of violence. An individual or family entering shelter is provided with food, clothing, personal hygiene products and other items to make them feel comfortable. Shelter residents are also offered assistance in seeking immediate and long-term safety, processing the abuse and case management centered around finding the next best stable housing option.

During “Donut Let Love Hurt,” Alpha Tau Omega members made it their priority to raise awareness for ACCESS through a variety of ways. One way  was by inviting Virginia Griesheimer, ACCESS interim executive director, to come to the event itself.

Griesheimer participated in educating guests about ACCESS and what they can do to identify domestic and sexual abuse within our community as well as help to stop it. In addition to inviting Griesheimer to the event, they had an Ames Police Department officer stop by and share information on how to help identify and stop both domestic and sexual abuse.

Having both Griesheimer and the Ames Police present at the event to educate guests as well as members of the fraternity was a phenomenal way to promote awareness of ACCESS and what they advocate for.

“We choose to donate to ACCESS because domestic and sexual abuse is a very prevalent issue in our society, especially on campuses,” said members from Alpha Tau Omega. “We believe in the empowerment of all individuals and we know that ACCESS does a wonderful job at helping those who have been abused by providing the necessary care to get them back on their feet.”

Additionally, the organization values “compassion, positive role models, community, as well as best practice and future growth.” ACCESS currently has locations in Boone, Greene, Marshall, Tama and Story counties.

Domestic and sexual assault is an issue on many college campuses in the country as well as within our community here in Ames. Organizations like ACCESS take a stand against this issue by providing education and professional training, advocating for individuals affected by domestic and sexual assault, as well as partnering with agencies to promote policies, procedures and programs to create a safe community. Thank you to Alpha Tau Omega and ACCESS for positively impacting our Ames community.

Responses from Alpha Tau Omega President Chris Diaguila and Philanthropy Chairman Andrew Lavin regarding “Donut Let Love Hurt” contributed to this article. 

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