Prayer revolution returns to campus


Jackie Norman/Iowa State Daily

Students gather on the lawn in-between Hilton Coliseum and Stephens Auditorium on Aug. 24 for the SALT Company kickoff.

Talon Delaney

Multiple student ministries will be teaming up April 20 to provide an all day prayer service on central campus.

Nearly 30 students from Navigators, SALT Company, BRICS, Saint Thomas Aquinas, Kai Alpha, Harvest Vineyard and other campus groups will be on the central campus lawn from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. offering prayers to any students in need.

Prayer Revolution, as it is called, began last year as an effort to bring different Christian student groups together in a consolidated effort of spreading love to their fellow students.

“We wanted to do events that weren’t focused on recruitment,” said Madelyn Pain, a member of the Harvest Vineyard congregation. Pain graduated last year in chemical engineering. “The idea is to work together to bring Jesus to the campus in a casual way.”

Pain was involved last year when the Prayer Revolution was first put into action.

“It’s really a stressful time for students with finals week coming up,” Pain said. “We’re trying to be there for students. We’ll pray for people even if they’re walking to class, we’ll just walk with them.”

Pain also said this provided smaller student faith groups with a platform to reach out to the student body.

“The biggest groups are Navs and SALT, those are the groups most students usually know about,” Pain said. “It’s easy to forget about the smaller groups, like The Rock or Brics.”