Young Americans for Freedom hosts Iowa legislators


Photo by Biong Biong/Iowa State Daily

Iowa State senators speak to Iowa State students and Ames community members Tuesday evening at the Memorial Union.

Biong Biong

Editor’s note: This article was updated to clarify the new district Sen. Ken Rozenboom (IA-40) has moved to.

Sen. Ken Rozenboom (IA-40) announced that he is running to represent District 19 at Young Americans for Freedoms’ “Ask a Conservative” panel. 

Taking questions from members in the audience, Sen. Jesse Green (IA-24)  and Sen. Tim Kraayenbrink (IA-5) joined Rozenboom Tuesday evening.

The senators took questions from members in the audience, questions Kraayenbrink described as relevant and topical.

Kraayenbrink was asked a question about the teaching of critical race theory in schools, and in his response, more expansively addressed “pornographic books” found in school libraries, having said, “I mean I was reading some of this stuff today, and I was blushing.” 

Kraayenbrink also said that it isn’t the state’s job to put porn in libraries.

Kraayenbrink could not provide the Daily with any of the titles of the aforementioned books but said he would supply them at a later date.

Rozenboom announced that he would be running for senator of Pella, Iowa, in light of his retirement Dec. 8, 2021.

“This job hasn’t let me go yet,” said Rozenboom. “If the voters don’t let me go, I’m gonna be around for the four years.”

When asked about federal term limits for those in congress, Green expressed his approval for them but said that he thinks they should also apply to bureaucrats. 

“I definitely think that in the senator arena something needs to be done,” said Green. 

President of Young Americans for Freedom Kyle Poen, a senior majoring in agricultural business, was proud of how the forum went. 

“[The forum] was just to have students, or staff or community members interact with their state officials so they can ask questions of anything really,” Poen said. 

Faith Toweh, a graduate student majoring in political science, was in attendance. She said the forum was informative and liked to hear the issues others raised to the senators. 

“To make our civic democracy work, we need to have these discussions,” Toweh said. “We need to put a face to the people who represent us.”