Aly: Android beats iPhone


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Nada Aly

I know Android being the better option is not the most popular opinion, but hear me out. I have always had an on and off relationship with Samsung and Apple, or more specifically the Android and iOS operating systems. I was an avid iPhone user for the last few years, but a few months ago I decided to switch back and get a Galaxy Note 8 – and I am glad I did.

It was not easy switching to a completely different system after some time; not to mention, most of my family and friends still have iPhones, meaning things like FaceTime and iMessage are unavailable on my phone. Still, losing the sync between my phone and other devices, like my MacBook and iPad, or some of the popular ways to communicate with others was worth it.

There are just so many more options for customization and features on Android. For starters, you can set up or customize your Android phone much more than an iPhone. Whether it is something like widgets, themes, icons or live wallpapers, customization is much more open on an Android device.

There are also special features like installing a second app which lets you install a duplicate of certain communication apps like Facebook, Snapchat and even Viber to give you the option of being logged into two accounts at once.

Then there are the storage options. Everything can be backed up automatically by Google and there is the choice of expandable memory or external storage for Androids.

Google Assistant is also there to help on Androids and there is Bixby for Samsung devices. It is really nice having Google integrated into a cell phone, especially for a student or frequent user of apps like Google Drive or Google Photos.

Although there are many reasons to choose Android, a lot of people would prefer not to for reasons such as the idea that Androids have a higher chance of malware. That being the case, if a person is safe and responsible with their phone then there is really not that high of a risk.

Android devices just have so many more options and are at least worth a try, especially when considering things like fast charging or the wider choice of phones. For example, having a phone like mine with a stylus, and being able to put emphasis on visuals and note taking, versus someone wanting something like the storage on Google Pixel 2. So the vast options are not just within the phone but between them as well.

Not to mention, more and more people are actively using Android devices. In fact, the number has just hit 2 billion.

Many people are joining the Android community and I would welcome all iPhone users to give it a shot. So if you are bored of the same thing, want some more options or whatever your reason is, choose an Android device that works for you and experience these features and the many other pros and possibilities of an Android phone I did not touch on.

Although Androids have many more improved features and options compared to an iPhone, it comes down to what you would like and what is best for you.