This Week in Music: January 16


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The cause of Dolores O’Riodan’s death has yet to be disclosed.


What happened?

Dolores O’Riordan, lead singer of The Cranberries, passes away

For any child of the 90s, The Cranberries were sure to have been present in stereos everywhere. With eight Top 20 singles on Billboard’s “Modern Rock Tracks” chart, and a Top 10 hit in the US with “Linger,” the Irish alternative group were true mainstays in the music sphere through the 90s.

It was confirmed Monday morning that O’Riordan had passed away due to undisclosed causes at the age of 46. A spokesperson added that she had been in London for a short recording session with The Cranberries.

The band’s last album “Roses” was released in February of 2012.

What’s new?


“Camila” – Camila Cabello

The ex-Fifth Harmony member continues finding her own identity with her debut semi-self-titled release and proves that she is a major force in the pop-sphere. “Camila” isn’t going to feature any sounds or concepts that are going to surprise any listener that has listened to pop radio at any point over the last few years, but this writer was pleasantly surprised with what was presented here. The songwriting, tropical beats and Cabello’s range were just fun and impressive enough to keep this album from becoming forgettable. Did you like pop music in 2017? You’ll probably be into this.

Listen to: “Never Be the Same,” “She Loves Control” and “Real Friends”

“Blue Madonna” – Borns

Michigan’s indie-pop singer/songwriter Borns returns with his sophomore album, which isn’t so much a re-invention as it is refinement. Many of the tracks are a bit more subdued and more groove-oriented than his 2015 debut. The inclusion of strings and twinkling keys gives “Blue Madonna” an identity separate from previous efforts. The LP is also surprisingly week towards the front, with most of the best tracks coming in the second half of the album.

Listen to: “Supernatural,” “Iceberg” and “Tension (Interlude)”


“Street Livin'” – The Black Eyed Peas

The first single from the hip-hop group in over seven years, “Street Livin'” sees the group returning to their pre-Fergie days in both style, and the fact that Fergie isn’t featured at all. With an old-school hip-hop vibe, “Street Livin'” should please hip-hop fans more than those who are used to the Peas’ pop outings, as the new single doesn’t feature any sort of big hook, as the Peas eventually became known for in their later career.

“Connected by Love/Respect Commander” – Jack White

Former White Stripes frontman Jack White released two new tracks from his upcoming third studio album “Boarding House Reach” (Mar. 23) last week. Both tracks are like two sides to the Jack White coin. “Connected by Love” sounds like what could have been a weaker track from his 2012 solo debut “Blunderbuss.” The songwriting is fine, but never reaches the highs it’s trying so hard to reach. Maybe it just doesn’t come across in the mix, but this first one just didn’t do it.

“Respect Commander” fares a bit better with a ferocious dance beat that eventually bleeds into a slow blues riff-fest that wouldn’t have been out of place on 2014’s “Lazaretto.” The first half ends up being really fun, with some synthetic sounds that we don’t always hear from White, but the second half bleeds back into the traditional sphere, which could please some, but also underwhelms this writer.