Poyer: Let’s talk true crime podcasts


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Columnist Sarah Poyer discusses some of her favorite true crime podcasts. 

Sarah Poyer

Editor’s Note: This piece is a part of the series “Let’s talk.”

I recently got a new job, and at this job, I can listen to music while doing my work. After a bit, I got tired of listening to music while working, so I searched for podcasts. 

Listening to something such as “Call Her Daddy” didn’t feel like the right move; Alex Cooper has wonderful knowledge to share with the world. But, I didn’t exactly want to be listening to it while my boss could walk up to my desk at any minute. So, I began to search on Spotify; I found some really good podcasts that I have enjoyed listening to, such as “Do You F*cking Mind?”, “You’re Wrong About,” “Food for THOT” and “Therapy for Black Girls.” All of these podcasts have given me some enriching things to think about. 

If you know me, you know I like all things scary. Haunted houses, horror movies, Stephen King books, Dean Koontz books and learning about serial killers are all things I enjoy. I bought “Helter Skelter” to read to know more about the Manson family before seeing “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.” So, when I stumbled upon an urban legends podcast called “Internet Urban Legends,” I began listening quite frequently. I would sit at my desk and work while listening to these spooky stories. Then, I asked one of my friends for a podcast recommendation, and she suggested “Crime Junkie,” which has been good. 

Once I started listening to “Crime Junkie,” other true crime podcasts fell into my lap. “Morbid” and “My Favorite Murder” are two others that I have spent a substantial time listening to. So far, I think “Morbid” has been my favorite. I’ve learned some really interesting information about some very tragic and gruesome times in American history. Learning about the Coed Killer, Golden State Killer and more about Ted Bundy has been quite interesting. As I said, I like scary things, so knowing more about these scary times I have previously heard about is quite interesting. 

True crime podcasts are quite fascinating. The hosts seem to dig into the stories they are telling listeners. I heard information I had not previously heard of about these killers before. While writing this column, I listened to a “Crime Junkie” episode about Laci Peterson. Before listening to this episode, I thought Scott 100 percent committed the murder. Once I listened to the podcast, my mind changed a little bit. I will let you listen to it for yourself and won’t ruin anything. I think it is quite interesting how such a well-known crime (one that I had heard a lot about) could have my mind changed so easily. 

If you have yet to listen to podcasts, I recommend doing so. Podcasts are a great way to pass the time. I love music, but sometimes listening to a podcast is a bit more fun to pass the time while reading a textbook or working on homework. Any of the podcasts I have listed in this column are ones I recommend. But, if you have yet to check out any of the true-crime podcasts, I recommend doing so. True crime podcasts are like portable crime shows and can educate you on some very interesting history.