Garcia: What’s great about student living


Dorm life is a lifestyle for a majority of the students that attend Iowa State. Most students leave their doors open for other students to stop by and socialize. Iowa State has over twenty resident halls located on campus. 

Julissa Garcia

Student housing. It’s a love/hate relationship, but it is one of the vital experiences of college life. It’s the chance to meet new people and create new memories. Luckily, Iowa State University offers a wide variety of residence halls and apartments to choose/be assigned to.

Residence Halls are broken up in three distinctive areas: Richardson Court, South Campus and Union Drive. Apartments are set up in two areas: Frederiksen Court and University Village.

Richardson Court are all halls east of the Memorial Union, which include: Barton, Lyon, Freeman, Birch, Welch, Roberts, Linden, Maple, Willow, Larch, Oak, and Elm.

Though they all reside in the same area, some vary more than others in eligibility and style, as some are co-ed, only male or only female. Also, some offer traditional or suite style rooms.

Richardson Court is a great area as it is located on campus, with two dining centers, Conversations and Seasons, located nearby. Also, the residence halls are all located around a huge outside quad area where students go to play activities or just relax and study.

South Campus residence halls include Buchanan, Geoffrey, Memorial Union, Wallace and Wilson. Wallace and Wilson are often referred to jointly as “Towers.”

These halls offer the same eligibility requirements and type of style.  Though some of these halls are located off campus, they offer their own uniqueness. Buchanan, Geoffrey, Wallace, and Wilson are conveniently located close to Campustown, where students go to shop, eat or hang out.

The Memorial Union is the only one located on campus of the group, which serves as the center of all student life on campus, as it includes dining center, shops and the bookstore. The Memorial Union also serves as a venue for many events.

The last community of residence halls is Union Drive, which include halls such as, Friley, Eaton, Helser and Martin. These halls are located right next to the Union Drive community center which includes a mailroom, a convenience store and two dining centers. These halls offer a great student life conveniently located near buildings for classes and State Gym.

While, dorm life is one choice, students are able to choose another option by living in one of the two apartment neighborhoods – Frederiksen Court and University Village.

These are typically offered to upper division students, which are students aged 19 or older. Fredrickson offers apartment styles for four people with either two or fours bedrooms, while University Village offers housing for one or two people in two bedrooms. Despite these apartments being located off campus, they are located close to Frederiksen Community Center where students can dine in the Hawthorn dining center or just hangout.

Wherever you choose to live on campus, you’re sure to enjoy your stay.