ISU Dining updates StuGov on changes to meal plan, Friley Windows project


An artist rendition of the Friley Windows Dining Facility renovation. 

Danielle Gehr

Members of the ISU Dining staff talked Friley Windows, better quality food, other changes to meal centers around campus and meal plans at Wednesday night’s Student Government meeting. 

The change that affects the most students is ISU Dining’s plan to move toward an unlimited meal plan like many other universities. 

Students living in dorms without kitchens next year will be required to choose from only three meal plans – Gold, CyPower and Cyclone. Bronze and Silver will be available to those living in university apartments and dorms with kitchens. 

Director of ISU Dining Mohammed Ali said that Gold will see a $28 raise next semester and will be phased out in the following fall semester leaving students to choose from CyPower and Cyclone.

Conversations will see changes as well, removing the meal bundles and transitioning into a full-time dining hall, which will decrease the use of plastic. With this, meal bundles at the East and West-Side markets will be offered during all operational hours. 

Ali and his colleagues came baring food for all members of Student Government and attendees of the meeting to feast on.

The food included samples of new items for the sandwich stations that were recently approved by the ISU Dining food committee. 

Ali said that new vegan and vegetarian options will be added to the menu as well. This includes vegan cheese and tofu that is from an Iowan vender who grows his own soy in Iowa. 

These items will specifically be seen at a new sandwich shop dubbed Lancelot and Ellie’s, which will replace Subway in the Memorial Union, as its contract with Iowa State will soon be ending. 

Kristi Patel, assistant director for retail operations, said the switch to their own concept rather than renewing the contract was a part of them continually trying to be self-sufficient.

Jamie Lenz, assistant director for food stores and vending, gave an update on the Friley Windows project. A major concern to him was the noise of the construction during dead week and finals week. 

To accommodate students living in Friley near the construction site, Lenz said that they are doing their best to reduce noise by planning projects with less noise during those weeks. They also are having anyone who is subcontracted to sign a form that requests they reduce the noise while they work during those weeks and post signs that remind the workers to remain quiet.   

The biggest problem, he said, will be on April 27, when the pizza oven is delivered. They requested the oven be delivered after 10 a.m. and before 3 p.m. to inconvenience students as little as possible. 

The new dining center will include more vegan options as well as a view of Lake LaVerne and more traditional items like pizza and a salad bar. Ali warned that the dining hall will be small, seating only 340 people.

The following executive branch nominees were appointed:

  • Derek Doeing – Senior Director of Communications
  • Micaela Boyce – Graphic Designer
  • Rachel Minet – Graphic Designer
  • Scott Fisk – Director of Information Technology/Webmaster
  • Kody Olson – Senior Director of Governmental Affairs
  • Robert Bingham – Ex-Officio Ames City Council Liaison
  • Katie Holmes – Co-Director of ISU Legislative Ambassadors
  • Jensyn Perrin – Co-Director of ISU Legislative Ambassador
  • Rachael Barnes – Senior Director of Student Services
  • Natalie Pellegrino – Director of Sexual Misconduct Prevention
  • Nathan Pfister – Director of Mental Health Awareness
  • Lia Gomez – Director of Sustainability
  • Julian Neely – Director of Diversity and Inclusion
  • Joi Latson – Co-Director of New Student Outreach
  • Yash Lekhwani – Co-Director of New Student Outreach
  • Seth Carter – Treasurer
  • Kara Masteller – Senior Director of Academic Affairs
  • Bradlee Fair – Election Commissioner