Letter: Rachel Junck listens and will work for a better Ames


Grant Tetmeyer/Iowa State Daily

The Ames City Council conducting business at their meeting on June 18.

Jane Galyon

I am writing to encourage all voters in the Ward 4 to vote for Rachel Junck on December 3.

I have known Rachel for about five years, starting when she was a student at Ames High, and have observed Rachel interacting with children, students, parents and the elderly.

Rachel researches issues, listens to different perspectives, asks questions and carefully considers all options. She has consistently demonstrated her leadership abilities throughout the campaign. Rachel surrounds herself with talented, organized and energetic people, and together they have worked hard to reach all the voters in Ward 4. On November 5, Rachel received 49.51 percent of the vote — only seven votes short of an outright win.

In addition, Rachel received over 600 votes, the largest vote total for a single candidate in the history of Ward 4.

Her efforts to reach out to all the residents in Ward 4 clearly worked. Rachel believes that students need a voting voice on City Council and I agree. One of the most important issues to Rachel is tackling climate change, starting at the local level.

Above all, Rachel is working for an inclusive and welcoming Ames, and these efforts will make Ames a more attractive place for young people to stay and raise their families. Rachel will work hard to make Ames a better place for all of us. Every vote counts and I hope you will join me in voting for Rachel Junck for City Council on December 3.