Sugary sweet, but is it good to eat?


Photo: Kelsey Kremer/Iowa State Daily

ISD Road Trippers visited Frostee’s in Winterset, Iowa, which serves a variety of ice cream treats, including birthday cake cyclones and mint chocolate chip ice cream cones.


Did you have ice cream for breakfast this weekend?

A viral post this weekend said ice cream for breakfast might actually be healthy — just in time for Ice Cream for Breakfast day, the first Saturday of February each year. And it isn’t just for fun — some researchers are trying to prove ice cream might actually be good for you. said that in a study at the Kyorin University in Tokyo, students took mental tests right after they woke up, and the students who ate ice cream before were quicker and more accurate than students who only drank water before the tests. Whether this was because the second group of students was hungry was not part of the study.

There is no link to the study found online. does not agree with the study, which has not been posted in English, and professor Yoshihiko Koga has not been reached to further discuss the study. 

“Cold and sugar will perk you up, but make regular meals of them and you’ll ruin your health,” said. also believes that even though the students did better after eating ice cream, it may be just because they had eaten in the first place. said it will update the article if it hears back from Koga, but for now, it does not believe anyone should eat ice cream for breakfast regularly. 

While it’s not clear whether ice cream is the best choice for breakfast, a cold popsicle might be a good option for a sore throat in the morning and wake you right up.