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President Obama landing in Cuba. 

Alex Hanson

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Manhunt continues in Brussels

Law enforcement is searching now for two suspects believed to be at large after the deadly terror attacks in Brussels earlier this week.

The attack, which the Islamic State, commonly known as ISIS, took credit for, killed 31 people and injured 270.

U.S. officials say ISIS has a fairly sophisticated planning operation and continues sending militants to Europe, CNN reported Thursday. In total, three attackers are dead, but two remain at large.

Two people took part in an attack at a subway station. Video shows three men together shortly before the attack, and one has been identified as Khalid el-Bakraoui. A third is missing — and authorities are not sure if he was killed or is still at large.

Three people took part in attacks at an airport. Two are dead, and authorities have a grainy image of another suspect who they believe is still at large.

Several news organizations also reported that the attackers in Brussels and Paris were linked, possibly with one of the dead suicide bombers being a bomb maker for the Paris attack.

Obama makes historic trip to Cuba

Along with meetings with Cuban officials, President Obama wrapped up his historic visit to the nation with an address to the Cuban people that welcomed the new relationship. 

“I am here to bury the last remnants of the Cold War in the Americas,” Obama said in an address. “I am here to extend a hand of friendship to the Cuban people.”

The changes he is seeking include the United States lifting the 54-year-old trade embargo with Cuba and a change in how the Cuban government deals with human rights abuses.

“The differences between our governments over these many years are real, and they are important,” Obama said.

2016 elections: Trump, Clinton win in Arizona; Cruz wins big in Utah; Sanders wins two

Dubbed as “Western Tuesday,” several more states cast their votes in the 2016 presidential nominating contest.

In Arizona, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton won big, Trump with 47 percent and Clinton with 58 percent. Some have raised eyebrows over how voting was handled in the Phoenix area, with some having to wait hours to vote.

Bernie Sanders’ campaign manager Jeff Weaver told CNN that “something was wrong” with voting in Arizona and the campaign may look further into the numbers.

Elsewhere, in Utah, Ted Cruz won big — big enough to take all of the state’s 40 delegates. And Sanders won with almost 80 percent of the vote in Utah and Idaho. 

John Kasich remains in the GOP race despite not winning any states, although chatter continues from GOP insiders that he should drop out, especially with the endorsement of Ted Cruz by former candidate Jeb Bush.

In the delegate race, Trump and Clinton still have big leads, and Cruz needs to pick up about 85 percent of the remaining delegates to outright clinch the nomination.

City of Ames may partner with Iowa State on crosswalk study

The city of Ames will partner with Iowa State for a study on safety of crossings along Lincoln Way near campus.

ISU administration approached Ames city staff members with an idea for a safety study along the road that sees lots of foot traffic as students walk to campus.

The safety study will focus on non-motorized travel in the areas on and near Lincoln Way between University Boulevard and Sheldon Avenue. It will collect data including the number of people crossing and intersecting streets, the number of vehicles passing through and the number and locations of mid-block crossings. The study will also collect information on other safety features such as light poles.

The council unanimously voted to approve the scope of the study and reimburse Iowa State for half of the cost.

The approval of the study comes after an ISU student was killed in a hit and run, and multiple other incidents concerning student safety.

Iowa State only remaining Iowa team in tournament

The Cyclones are now the only Iowa team in the NCAA Tournament after heartbreaking losses for the Northern Iowa Panthers and the Iowa Hawkeyes.

Iowa fell to Villanova 87-68 on Sunday. The Panthers went down against Texas A&M on Sunday night, 92-88.

The Panthers loss was more heartbreaking, as UNI led by 12 points with less than a minute left. Texas A&M was able to rally back and send the game into two overtimes.

The Cyclones will take on Virginia at 6:10 p.m. Friday on CBS.