Mornings made easier

Rebecca Haars

Starting out the day not knowing where anything is, stressed, and in a hurry definitely isn’t the ideal way anyone wants to begin their day. Organization, hair management, and moisturizing skin the night before will lead to quicker, easier mornings.

Knowing where things are in the morning will make it go a lot smoother. Keep makeup organized by utilizing trays and jars, speeding up the process of getting ready. Picking out the next day’s outfit the night before or even going far enough ahead as to choose outfits for the week on a Sunday night will decrease the time it takes to get ready immensely. Although at times with the ever changing weather in Iowa pre planning outfits may be difficult.

Whether it’s showering at night or in the morning trying to control your hair can be a frustrating task. For those who shower at night try braiding, or throwing your hair into a twisted bun for a textured, ready to go look for the morning. If there is just not enough time to shower at night there are two ways to fix non-washed morning hair. Dry shampoo on the roots to get rid of excess oil and a dab of coconut oil on the ends to tame flyaway hair would solve hair dilemmas when there is no time to shower. If there is time for a quick morning shower let your hair dry naturally and add some texturizing spray to give that morning hair look with a bit of volume.

Moisturize. Moisturize. Moisturize. Keeping skin soft and hydrated is an important part of making the morning easier to get ready. By moisturizing the night before it gives extra time overnight for the lotion to sink in. This is even more important to prioritize around this time of year due to the dry, crisp temperatures. Don’t forget to lotion both your body and face! Soft skin not only feels great but makes applying makeup easier as well.

By planning out what to wear, having a foolproof hair routine, and preparing your skin the night before all leads to an easy morning where the only step left to do is apply makeup. Which thanks to moisturizing and organization this step should be stress free.