DIY gifts for Christmas

Felicia Dacosta

The stress over finding the perfect Christmas gift is hard enough, not factoring in the cost of each gift. DIY gifts are extremely convenient and can be personalized to accommodate each different person. Receiving a personalized gift is much more special than opening a store bought gift. DIY gifts are cheaper, and you can make them for anyone! Here are just a few ideas you can make for your loved ones.

1) You can make a tie blanket of a favorite sports team or something your person is really interested in.

2) An arrangement of snakes or treats in a basket.

3) A premade hot chocolate mixture in a mason jar with a name tag attached.

4) If you’re into knitting or crocheting, making slippers, a scarf or hat is a great gift.

5) A personalized tree ornament of dough you can make at home.

6) Any article of clothing can be tie-dyed.

7) Baked goods!

8) Dishes that you can personalized with a sharpie, then baked to set in the design.

9) DIY scrubs or lotions.

10) Photo album.