Max Dible

Max Dible 

Stop me when this sounds familiar. An undefeated, top-ranked Oklahoma State team is headed to Ames late in the season.

No one was talking about the Cowboys as a legitimate national title contender, you know, until they beat then-undefeated Texas Christian last week by the slim margin of 20 points, jumping to No. 5 in the Associated Press poll and No. 8 in the College Football Playoff rankings.

In 2011, a similar story unfolded, but a dream season for the Cowboys was dashed unexpectedly by the Cyclones. The philosopher George Santayana once said something to the effect of, “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”

I’m guessing since that fateful day in Ames four years ago, OSU coach Mike Gundy and company have learned their lesson. Oklahoma State, despite being 9-0, has miles to go before it reaches the playoffs, including games against Baylor and Oklahoma at home to finish the season.

You might think that sets up this contest in Ames as a potential trap game. I think the exact opposite.

The Cowboys are playing in the wake of a horrible tragedy in Stillwater, Okla., which occurred during their Homecoming week. A car driven by 25-year-old Adacia Chambers smashed into a crowd, killing four people, including a toddler, and injured 47 others.

This team is on a mission, one even its opponents ought to revere. It has a dynamic offense, led by quarterback Mason Rudolph, who has thrown for nearly 3,000 yards already this season.

Iowa State has been tough in Jack Trice Stadium in 2015, winning three games and playing both undefeated Iowa and one-loss TCU respectably. But, as another year of football in Ames winds down, the season cap isn’t likely to see the Cyclones repeat that improbable upset from four years ago.

The same as Baylor, TCU, Texas Tech and Oklahoma, the Cowboys simply have too much offense for Iowa State to keep pace. Winning the time of possession battle game after game doesn’t mean much when opposing offenses hit quick-strike touchdowns and when quarterback Joel Lanning completes just above 50 percent of his average 44 passes per game as a starter.

I like Oklahoma State big in this one.

Oklahoma State 48, Iowa State 27

Luke Manderfeld

Iowa State is getting down to crunch time in its season. The Cyclones enter this weekend with three wins under their belt, and they have three games left in the season. 

A win in each of the remaining games will put Iowa State in a bowl game. 

But a look at those games reveals a slim possibility of three straight victories. The first of the three is this weekend against No. 5 Oklahoma State, and it could be the end of the Cyclones’ hopes for a bowl game — at least a for-sure bid. 

Iowa State jumped into a similar matchup with Oklahoma State in 2011. The Cowboys were ranked second at the time. The Cyclones left Jack Trice Stadium with Paul Rhoads’ signature win as the ISU head coach. 

But he will need some more of that magic if he wants to repeat an upset victory. 

Oklahoma State is coming off its biggest win of the season — a 20-point drubbing of Texas Christian — and one that legitimized its undefeated record. Undoubtedly, the Cowboys have their sights set on the College Football Playoff at the end the season, and the Cyclones are just an small obstacle in that path. 

Oklahoma State 42, Iowa State 20

Alex Hanson, politics editor, prediction

Poor Cyclones.

After three losses in a row, Iowa State had the big 24-0 win against Texas on Homecoming weekend. But even with the momentum, Iowa State fans were let down after the crushing loss against Oklahoma.

This week does not look any better against 9-0 Oklahoma State.

By the way, I’m the politics editor, so I really don’t know much about college football — although I do enjoy watching. I have nothing to back this prediction up, but they’re 9-0, so I’m pretty sure Iowa State will lose.

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Don’t let my prediction get you down, though, there’s always hope. Remember 2011?

Oklahoma State 49, Iowa State 7.

Ryan Young

What the hell? It’s possible.

It happened in 2011. Sure, the circumstances were different then, but crazier things have happened.

Yeah, Oklahoma State is undefeated — a perfect 9-0. But what better time for the Cowboys to stub their toe and kill any hope of a College Football Playoff appearance than now?

Iowa State essentially enters this game with nothing to lose. In order to even make it to a bowl game, the Cyclones would need to win out.

They’ve had to deal with a coaching change, a quarterback change and more already this season. They’ve had to face several of the nation’s best offenses over, and over, and over again. They know what it would take to win a game like this. They’ve gone through it before. I say it’s finally time.

I know some, if not most of you, have already mentally moved on to basketball season. But wait. This Cyclone football team has at least one more upset win in them this season.

Why can’t it be Saturday?

Iowa State 21, Oklahoma State 20