Phi Kappa Psi hosts first ISUPhilanthro event


Lani Tons/Iowa State Daily

Colleges Against Cancer student organization participated in “ISUPhilanthro”, held on the lawn of Phi Kappa Psi. The event was held Nov. 6 to showcase different philanthropic organizations on campus. Colleges Against Cancer holds a “No Shave November” contest during the month of November.

Ellen Bombela

Students gathered on the lawn of the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity house Friday night and observed some of the philanthropic organizations from around campus.

More than 10 organizations were showcased at ISUPhilanthro, which was powered by Student Government in collaboration with the greek community. Before the actual event started, some students participated in the Glow Run, which took place on Central Campus. Students could partake in the run for $10. All of the money was donated to the showcased organizations.

Once the race ended, people headed over to Phi Kappa Psi, where they were treated to free pizza, various food and items from the organizations and a brief speech from Tom Hill, senior vice president for Student Affairs.

“One of the greatest things that we can do is help others,” Hill said during his speech.

Hill spoke about how special it is that college students are taking the time to help others, even if they don’t personally know the people they are helping. Hill also talked about how being a part of a philanthropic organization can help students later in life.

“These are the kinds of things that are going to help you as you move from this college environment and move into society, wherever you might go,” Hill said. “You’re going to take this with you and you’re going to be a valuable member of whatever community you go to, because you’re going to have that attitude of helping others and contributing.”

This is the first year the event has taken place, and Adam Goldberg, senior in industrial design and one of the coordinators of the event, expressed excitement about the event.

“It is really cool to see all of these organizations come together and show off Iowa State’s dedication to service and volunteering,” Goldberg said.