Greek community prepares for Multicultural Greek Leadership weekend

Ellen Bombela

The ISU greek community will hosting the second annual Multicultural Greek Weekend this Friday through Sunday.

Beginning at 8:00 a.m. Saturday, the event is a conference-style program for members of culturally based fraternities and sororities.

These culturally based fraternities and sororities center around a certain culture or aspect of culture. For example, these organizations can focus on race, such as Asian-American or African-American, or a certain religion, such as Christianity, Judaism or Islam. 

“By creating a regional educational experience, our hope is that [cultural chapters] will have other resources, ask questions and have help promoting events and themselves,” said Billy Boulden, assistant dean of students and director of Greek Affairs.

Around 50 to 60 members from culturally based chapters from all around the Midwest will be attending the event.

Participants will have the opportunity to listen to guest speakers and take part in workshops to help build leadership skills. The event is also intended to help build networks between chapters from all around the Midwest.

The event’s two guest speakers are Juan Guardia, an ISU alumnus and a member of Phi Iota Alpha, and Leonard Taylor, a member of Alpha Phi Alpha.

Greek members who are attending are ready to learn new ways to build relationships, meet new people and develop relationships with those people.

“I am excited to meet other greeks from all around the Midwest and be able to share different ideas with each other,” said Amber Carpenter, senior in biology, member of Delta Sigma Theta and president of the National Pan-Hellenic Council.

Greek Affairs is strongly encouraging Greek members to attend and is covering the registration cost for those students; however, anyone is welcome to attend and pay the $30 registration fee.

Students who are in town Friday are welcome to check in early and attend “Intersections of Identity: A Spoken Word Event,” with a special appearance by Kai Davis, a writer and performer from Philadelphia, at the Memorial Union.