National Hazing Prevention Week takes place on campus

Ellen Bombela

About 75 percent of greek members have experienced at least one hazing behavior, and more than half of all college students have experienced it as well, according to Hazing Prevention. Hazing has resulted in at least least one death on college campuses in the United States per year since 1970. 

Iowa State’s greek community is sponsoring National Hazing Prevention Week this week on campus.

The week’s events kicked off Sunday night at the Memorial Union, where the documentary “Haze” was shown. 

“There was great turnout, but we had an even more impressive discussion afterward,” said Rebecca Kohlmann, senior in event management and vice president of Risk Prevention at Iowa State. “We had a lot of really phenomenal questions from not only members of the Greek community, but also some graduate students and students outside of the community.”

Kohlmann has been working alongside Tarin Phillips, who is also vice president of Risk Prevention, to set up the different events going on this week.

The remaining activities include “Selfie & Stop Hazing” on Wednesday, which encourages students to take a selfie with their hands showing and caption the picture “these hands don’t haze”. Students can use the hashtags “#nhpw” and “#iastateNHPW” to post on social media.

The other event is “Lemonade, Cookies and take the pledge” which will take place from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Friday on West Curtis Lawn. Free cookies and lemonade will be provided as students take the pledge to end hazing.

“People need to know about hazing and what hazing involves in all its aspects, so that they can report it when it arises, understand it when happens and stop it from happening to other people in the future,” said Emily Jaques, freshman in environmental science and member of Alpha Omicron Pi.