ISU offensive lineman Patrick Scoggins out for season


Football Head Coach Paul Rhoads said offensive line and running backs need to grow for the upcoming season.

Max Dible

The ISU football team held only four practices in fall camp before the injury bug claimed its first high-profile victim.

ISU coach Paul Rhoads said Tuesday that center Patrick Scoggins, a redshirt junior, ruptured a tendon that attaches his quad to his patellar and will miss the season. Rhoads received the news late Monday night. 

Because he has no redshirt available to him, Scoggins will also lose a year of eligibility.

“I try not to ever allow myself to be frustrated,” Rhoads said. “It’s part of the game, you know it’s a part of the game. It’s a violent game, it’s a game played with force.

“27 years of coaching, I’ve never had this injury on any team I’ve ever been associated with, so that makes you scratch your head a little bit, but you move on. Next guy stands up and takes over where that one left off.”

That next guy will be redshirt sophomore Nick Severs.

Scoggins had been engaged in a competition with Jamison Lalk for the starting center position. It appears that due to this injury, Lalk is likely to assume that role, while Severs will serve as his backup.