Destination Iowa State welcomes new students to campus


Jonathan North/Iowa State Daily

Thousands of students gather outside Hilton Coliseum during Destination Iowa State on Aug. 21, 2014 at the Scheman Building courtyard. 

Stephen Snyder

Destination Iowa State is an invaluable opportunity for incoming ISU students to become more accustomed to their school and their new home.

It is a great way to learn more about campus and building locations for getting to your first week of classes on time and without confusion.

Destination Iowa State also provides students with the opportunity to meet incoming students who will be living in their same communities. Meeting people who are in the same boat can go a long way toward easing the stress that inevitably comes along with an entirely new environment.

And as if all of that weren’t enough reason to attend, it’s a really good time. There will be a lot of free food, which is always a valuable commodity on a college campus, a live hypnotist to blow your mind (before classes do the same) and a night of fun at State Gym and Lied Recreation Athletic Center to showcase Iowa State University’s state-of-the-art facilities.

Destination Iowa State also provides the opportunity to participate in a service project in hopes of building strong friendships and a strong sense of pride in — and commitment to — your new home.

Attending Destination Iowa State is the best way to get your feet on solid ground and make sure you aren’t overwhelmed as you move into a whole new phase of your life. Odds are you’re going to feel unsure and you’re going to feel a reasonable amount of anxiety about beginning your college career, and if you choose not to attend the events in favor of setting up your dorm or touring campus on your own, you’ll be facing that pressure and uncertainty alone. However, if you have those feelings and then make your way over to Hilton Coliseum for your official Cyclone welcome along with thousands of other incoming students, you’ll never feel alone.

You can look to your left, then look to your right, and know that those soon-to-be-fellow-students are in the exact same boat, sailing the exact same waters. Coming to college and leaving a lot of your life behind can be a scary experience, and no one should feel like they’re facing it alone. So before you enjoy your adventure, enjoy your destination, and know you picked a great one.