Five Ideas for a Joint Bachelor or Bachelorette Party

Jade Mallicoat

The wedding is approaching, but first there’s a bachelor and bachelorette party to worry about as the last night out as a single person.

Some couples now prefer a joint party. This is less stressful than having friends, or yourselves, plan two separate parties. Here are five co-ed parties that a soon-to-be married couple can have together.


A casino or racetrack is a great place for a bachelor or bachelorette party. Not only are the drinks free, but someone could win the jackpot. Whether you are the groomsmen or a bridesmaid, when it comes to weddings, you can never have too much spending money.


Some wouldn’t be too thrilled to attend a karaoke party at first, but get a few drinks in them, and they could be singing a different tune. This is a great way for friends to release some of that wedding stress and just be silly.

Party bus-

Can’t agree on the same thing? Renting a party bus might be the solution because who doesn’t like having a good time just socializing with friends? This can get you out of your town and allows you to go see a few new places or bars. You won’t have to stress over someone being the designated driver so everyone will feel included and have a fun time.


Does your wedding have you feeling locked down? Plan a fun night out in a different town — or state. We all know Vegas is a good time, but there are some close places to go that are just as exciting like the Power and Light district in Kansas City. The cost may be an issue, but if everyone is given enough notice they can start saving now.


Pack the tents up and grab your coolers because you’re going camping. This is a good idea if you’re looking for a weekend getaway! Enjoying nature and friends can be very stress relieving and inexpensive. Also, if the couple’s friends tend to get a little sick of each other then they can split up to go hiking, fishing or boating and get in some time with their own friends.