5 Things Not to Bring Up in Your Wedding Toast

Leah Gage

1. The Ex’s

Plain and simple. There is probably a reason they’re not standing at the altar.

2. The Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

If someone was supposed to know what happened at the bachelor party, they would have been invited. Some things need to stay among friends.

3. Any Misbehavior from the Past

It’s possible not everyone invited to the reception knows the groom. You’re representing him and your friendship with him. Don’t discuss behavior that could give him a bad image with his new family and friends.

4. Doubts or Uncertainty

Having cold feet is not uncommon, but it’s not something the world needs to know. If you were confided in about any possible doubts or uneasy feelings, it needs stay between you two.

5. Money

Every wedding day costs some amount of money, but that’s not what the focus of the day is about. Keep it classy and keep the attention on the happy couple.