A treacherous road to traverse


Mitrou-Long and the Cyclones captured their second Big 12 Tournament title in a row during his junior season.

Max Dible

The slate of teams Iowa State has defeated in comeback fashion has been impressive to say the least.

The slate of teams that Iowa State has overcome since the Big 12 tournament began is no joke. Texas, No. 15 Oklahoma and No. 9 Kansas will all likely play in the NCAA tournament, which begins next week.

Oklahoma is likely to find a 3-seed or a 4-seed, while Kansas is likely on the two or three line itself.

Five consecutive games the Cyclones have trailed by double-digits, and five consecutive times they have won. Three of those matchups, Kansas and Oklahoma twice, came against top-15 opponents.

Texas led Iowa State by 11 in the first game of the tournament. Oklahoma held an 11-point advantage in the semifinals as well. Kansas’ lead topped out at 17, before Georges Niang put the Cyclones on his back and carried them to victory.

It appears that where the Cyclones are concerned, no lead is safe — no matter how good the team is that is holding it.

“Being down the last three days with double-digit deficits just showed how much heart … we have [on] this basketball team, man,” said Naz Long. “It’s been amazing.”

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