Lawmakers must continue to move forward with same-sex marriage, LGBT rights

Stephen Snyder

In 2014, tremendous gains were made for the LGBT community and 2015 looked to be starting out even stronger. That was before Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore decided to take matters into his own hands by telling courts not to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, leaving people waiting outside of closed offices, denied the right that they had been legally guaranteed.

However, that was not even the most discouraging legal action taken against civil rights in the last week. Governor Brownback of Kansas looked to his friends in Alabama and apparently decided that he could take the bigotry even one step further. Brownback struck down the state laws that prohibited discrimination against the LGBT community in the workplace. So just remember, if you work in Kansas, it isn’t about how well you perform your duties as an employee, it’s about whom you share your bed with.

The overwhelming majority of young people are in favor of allowing same-sex marriage, regardless of their political affiliation. According to a 2014 poll from the Pew Research Center, 61 percent of Republicans age 18-29 are in favor of same sex marriage.

The sentiment for equality grows stronger every year, as the increasingly isolated pockets of resistance to be found in our country will eventually be nothing but a memory of a time gone by.

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