College program provides students opportunity to work at Disney

Vanessa Franklin

With Mickey Mouse as your boss and Magic Kingdom as your campus, college is bound to get a little magical.

Through the Disney College Program, students from all over the world are able to work front line in the theme parks for a semester.

Many ISU students take this opportunity each semester and move to Orlando, Fla. for a résumé booster and memories that will last a lifetime.

Students are able to work in a variety of roles, including food and beverage, operations, retail and sales, lodging and entertainment.

Eric D. Olson, assistant professor who worked at Disney for nearly six years, says that for students interested in hospitality, they must experience good service before they can truly give it.

“Disney is well known for their training and development programs, so I think students are very attracted to that,” Olson said. “By working there, you are able to see the success for a very large company and how they deal with processes and organization.”

Students interested in the program go through a rigorous interview process, including both online and phone interviews. Although students must work hard, they also play hard too. College program students receive many benefits, including theme park admission and sneak previews of new attractions.

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