How to react to a gift you don’t like

When receiving an undesirable gift, you can either pretend you love it, say that you already have it or tell them the truth, that you just don’t like it.

Carly Reiser

The holidays are a wonderful time where people give and receive gifts. But what happens when Grandma has it in her head that you are still 12 years old and gives you a gift you don’t like?

One way to get out of this situation is to simply act like you love the gift anyway. This is a great way to make Grandma feel good about herself, but this will only work if you are are willing to settle for not getting the gift you preferred.

If you don’t like the gift you received and you do not want to bring it home with you, this second tip might be for you. After you received the gift, you can tell Grandma that you love it, but you already have it. In this situation, she knows that you liked it but there is no sense in having two of the same item so she might just take the gift back and give you the money instead. Everyone could use a little more cash!

Let’s say Grandma gives you a shirt that doesn’t really fit your age group anymore. You could politely say thank you and tell her it might look better on one of your younger relatives instead. She will think you are a wonderful person for thinking of others before yourself.

If lying or pretending isn’t your thing you could choose to be truthful and tell Grandma you don’t think you will use her gift very often. You never know, she might like the fact that you feel comfortable enough to tell her the truth. Maybe she will ask you what you would like and get you something else.

Picking out the perfect gift for someone can be hard, but finding a way to react to a gift you don’t like can be harder. No matter how you choose to react, doing it in a polite way will make the person giving you the gift feel better about the situation.