GSB voting error impedes election, affects 81 students

Emelie Knobloch

An error in the Government of the Student Body election ballots occurred March 4 while voting was in progress.

“It was discovered at the beginning of the ballot being opened,” said Adam Guenther, election commissioner. “I was alerted by students that they were unable to completely vote for their college.”

Guenther said that the mistake prevented students in the Liberal Arts and Sciences, Business and Design colleges to vote for their college senators.

“A similar issue arose with some Campustown students,” Guenther said. “There were a total of 81 students affected.”

The mistake was fixed early in the morning March 4. Guenther worked with the Web Development team in Information Technology Services to fix the issue.

Guenther said this year’s turnout was 3,078 student votes, falling short of the GSB election commission’s goal of 4,500 student votes. 

Khayree Fitten, presidential candidate, said he feels great about the elections.

“Having the opportunity to work with thousands of students these past few weeks to make our campus the best it can be is truly a blessing,” Fitten said. “I look forward to continuing this work over the next year.”

The election results will be announced at 7 p.m. March 7 in Room 3512 of the Memorial Union.

“Elections are very exciting and I anticipate many students to come out and hear the results,” Guenther said.

Students have the opportunity to contest their ballots within 24 hours of the polls closing, which naturally leads to the announcement being made on March 7, according to Fitten.

“I think this is a fair and necessary measure to ensure that every vote counts and every voice is heard,” Fitten said. “The impact of the announcement being on Friday is irrelevant to the campaign.”

Several senate seats were left open on the ballot. However, Guenther expects that all senate seats will be filled by the election.

“If a vacancy arises, then the constituency council will choose a replacement,” Guenther said.

Hillary Kletscher, presidential candidate, said that her campaign has been a lot of fun.

“This has been a great opportunity to get to know a lot of students around campus,” Kletscher said. “It was an overall positive experience and we got our name out there.”

Kletscher said the biggest thing she would change about the election process is to make sure the rules are clearer.

“Making sure the rules are clearer and easier to understand makes it easier on candidates trying to run for these positions,” Kletscher said.

The new president will appoint a new election commissioner. Guenther will be stepping down from his position to be president of another organization.

“In the fall, I anticipate there will be a few openings for the election commission as some members are graduating, and we already have vacancies,” Guenther said.