Business, Industry and Technology Career Fair returns at Iowa State

Justin Senecaut

It’s once again time to go to the fair, but not the kind of fair that immediately comes to mind. The Business, Industry and Technology Career Fair is back.

The fair will take place from noon to 6 p.m. Feb. 13 at Hilton Coliseum and will host companies for business, human science, and liberal arts and science students.

“Go and be you. Talk about your skills to the companies to make you stand out. Don’t exaggerate. Just make sure you go,” said Charles Shrader, professor of management.

Going to the career fair can be the first step, of many, to a long successful career.

Before taking that first step, there are things students can do to prepare.

Cody Lodermeier, junior in finance and previous career fair attendee, advised students to “know what the companies do and what they are looking for in a recruit. Go in with a positive attitude and don’t rush it.”

Looking up what companies are going to be there is a place students can start their research. No matter what area a student is focusing on, there are companies at the fair that will reach every student, especially those majoring in business because every company is a business.

David Speed, junior in supply chain management, advised other students to make connections to many companies because they may be valuable in the future.

ISU Career Management System is an online tool that students can use to look up companies that will be at the fair. Tammy Stegman, career coordinator with Business Career Services, said all employers attending the fair are registered on this system.

Companies like 3M, Renewable Energy Group, Hy-vee Inc. and Frito-Lay will be in attendance.

Sue Ravenscroft, professor of accounting, advised students to look and act professional, and try to stand out by joining an on-campus club.

Going to the career fair this week will be the first step for some students who have never gone before, and to others, this is another part of the journey that will get them to where they want to be after college.