‘Making Democracy Work’ awarded to the Iowa State Daily


Katherine Kealey

The Landscape Architecture building is home to the staff of the Iowa State Daily.

Ames and Story County League of Women Voters, Special Section

Iowa State’s student newspaper, the Iowa State Daily, has been named the 2023 winner of the League of Women Voters’ Making Democracy Work Award. The award recognizes the work of individuals or organizations that exhibit leadership in the community of Ames by promoting awareness, action and equality.

The Iowa State Daily has a long history of serving the campus community and is now accessible online to all residents of Ames. An unintimidated and diligent source of reliable and timely information about what is happening in the community is essential to making our democracy work. The Iowa State Daily has met that need and has become a vital means of communication for the Ames community as a whole.

Kate Kealey, current editor of the Daily, is cited by former Ames Mayor Ann Campbell for her efforts to elevate the student publication to serve both the campus and community. The Daily staff has broadened the scope of the paper to push out the boundaries of university life by informing students of Ames social and civic events as well as providing records of city meetings, opportunities for involvement and relevant news for Ames residents, Campbell said.

“While its main purpose is to serve the students on the ISU campus, the Daily has also helped us convey the messages from the League that reflect our mission of educating voters and encouraging them to action as we all work for the betterment of Ames and Story County,” stated Carolyn Klaus, current president of the League of Women Voters.

The Daily has supported the League of Women Voters by covering legislative forums and league programs, reporting on important board meetings, encouraging students to register and vote in elections  and generally publicizing information that promotes participation in government at all levels.

Award presentations will be made at the Ames and Story County League of Women Voters’ annual meeting and dinner at the Gateway Hotel on Thursday, April 20. Registration begins at 4:30 p.m., followed by dinner, the program and the annual business meeting. Reservations can be made at [email protected].